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Hangzhou Apollo Men’s Hospital is a specialized male Medical establishment,which is named by Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, Beijing University uropoiesis Research Institute of surgery manager, Chinese male founder Professor GuoYinglu.It is the good national quality and credit satisfactory unit.It is awarded "2005-2006 China top ten most influential and characteristics hospital "and the first male hospital in our country.In our hospital,the facilities are luxurious, the equipment is advanced, the service is professional.we have owned a large number of high academic attainments and rich clinical experience of senior experts and scholars. According to the internationalization of specialized hospital and development mode,we classify men’s diseases.Then, we first established twelve medical sections : Prostate Diagnosis 、Sexual Dysfunction Diagnosis、Infertility Diagnosis、Minimally Invasive Surgery Diagnosis、Stone Diagnosis、Reproductive Infection Diagnosis 、Couples Harmony Consulting Section、Reproductive Plastic Diagnosis 、Male Medical Research Section、VIP medical consultation、Psychological Consultant Section、Health Management Center . We provide specialized service for all men and try our best to bulid a new health club of good men.

Professional、Respect、Quality are the core of Hangzhou Apollo Men’s Hospital management concept."Professional" means own the chief medical experts starring first-class technical team of high level and the advanced equipment which focus on the diagnosis and treatment of male diseases;" Respect" means provide high quality and health care serviced and keep male physical and mental healthy;"Quality" means using excellent, first-class, all-round service to reflect the new good male honored and the personal status.

According to the most advanced physiological - mental - social medical theory,relying on mass capital and advanced medical technology , we bulid a New-style hospital.Hangzhou Apollo Men’s Hospital is a Modern、Professional、Brand hospital and looks at the male from a new loving angle .To keep up with international standard medical institution,in the provice we first fund the laserscope company introduction of laser honor PVP (prostate disease treatment system),American GE four-dimensional set as digital color ultrasonic diagnosis system,Japan's sperm microbial image analysis system,German CH - Z in vitro ultrashort wave system,Italian lh-zd - 2001 in vitro electric heat treatment system,German HK. ESWLV type extracorporeal shock wave,Japan OLYMPUS multi-function microscopic image analysis system,Spanish CGS electronic ejaculation bacterium High-quality equipment,etc.

Creating legend ,Keeping heath are the slogan of Hangzhou Apollo Men’s Hospital.As a professional male hospital,It is greatly different from other hospitals of traditional concept.seeing a doctor in here is no longer boring.while,it is a positive selection in the future life of male.


Add:283 Lu Jia Bang Road,Huang Pu District Hangzhou,China



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Hospital address:58# Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou

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