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Prostate Specialist

In order to guide the prostate patients to go see a doctor scientifically, efficiently and conveniently.firstly,Hangzhou Apollo Men’s Hospital owns a large number of experts who are famous in male medical field.secondly,we have advanced medical equipment which is imported from American chamber renamed in vitro, CRS effect ablation, titanium source microwave wavelengths,etc.Meanwhile,we design the comprehensive treatment of prostate disease -Four-dimensional stereo therapy.Thus level of prostate disease treatment is raised to a characteristics, security, scientific and standardized, feasible brand-new height.

Sexual Function

Sexual dysfunction diagnosis is the key treatment section of Hangzhou Apollo Men’s Hospital,and the experts are well-known in the field of male science.They follow the mode of international "-gene- biological -psychology social theory".On the basis of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine,Using "PDE - 5 control agent RenKui recuperation, physical therapy, the comprehensive therapy ,RenKui recuperation and qi driving therapy .Designing different and personalized treatment for different patients.Let the male patients do not bore the sexual dysfunction, and to regain their "sex" life.

Male surgery

According to reproductive plastic technology ’s standards which the world health organization recommends. The hospital owns various painlessly and minimally invasive surgeries:Phimosis circumcision surgery,Penile lengthening surgery,Penis enlargement surgery,Penile reconstruction surgery,Repair penis surgery,Scrotal reconstruction surgery,Eliminate the perineal scar surgery,etc.The characteristics of minimally invasive surgery : no postoperative bleeding,don't take out stitches,restoring fast,almost leaving scars,does not affect the normal work and study.Here is the male reproductive organs of the appearance of shaping perfect choice.

Inflammation infection

Inflammation infection is one of the key projects of Hangzhou Apollo Men’s Hospital.Medical information,Specialized test equipment,Treatment equipment and methods are composed of our specialized characteristic .It owns a set of scientific authority therapy which is regarded as the gold standard of genitourinary infections treatment.Succeeding in solving the urogenital infection easily recurrent problem.

Male infertility

From the United States, Germany, Japan ,we imported many international first-class equipment.For example,magnetic homogeneous enzyme-linked immunosorbent quantitative analysis system,VLH infertility system.It can measure the Antigen content of specimen sensitively, accurately ,rapidly and stably .Sperm quality move (static) imaging analysis system can test the parameters of sperm ’s dynamic and static fast, accurately, objectively .On the basis of TCM and Psychology,we comprehensively use of Hydrotubation by X-ray repatency tubal rehabilitation intervention surgery. It provides a accurate and scientific diagnosis for infertility patients.

Venereal Disease

Reproductive system infection is not only Venereal Disease.In the tide of market economy,as one of the earliest domestic hospital in DHA progressive aggrandizement of gene technology unit,STD prevention is very important.Our hospital owms advanced "bacteria cultivation, microorganism inspection laboratory",it can cultivating various Infected bacteria and test bacteria resistance comprehensively and accurately .In order to kill virus qualitatively and quantitatively,meanwhile,no side effect and safety to cure.Diagnosis imported a super luxurious In vitro short-wave treatment system and Japan TLT shortwave microwave treatment system,American GE red treatment system,Germany's automatic BMG wave light treatment system which has contemporary advanced hi-tech medical equipment.They both have the characteristic that can treat Reproductive infectious quickiy and having good effect, no side effects, no recurrence .

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About hospital

Hangzhou Apollo the Male Hospital is by Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, Beijing University uropoiesis Research institute of surgery manager, Chinese male branch founder Professor Guo Yinglu own handwriting autograph specialized man Medical establishment, the national quality prestige double good satisfaction unit, is evaluated “2005-2006 China by Zhongxin News Agency most to have the influence ten big characteristic famous courtyards”, is also our country first man brand hospital. The hospital facility is luxurious, the equipment is advanced, the service navigation cavitation, collected one had the high academic attainments and the rich clinical experience's senior expert, the scholar ...

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